Tim Scott Calls It Quits

He's QUIT - Another Contender FALLS!


Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) has established a reputation for bipartisan collaboration in his efforts to accomplish tasks for the benefit of the American people. This was evident in his collaboration with Democrats on police reform. Although he declared his candidacy for the presidency earlier this year, that pursuit has now come to an end.

On November 12, Scott made a significant announcement during his appearance on Trey Gowdy’s Fox News show. During the program, he declared the suspension of his presidential campaign.

The senator expressed his belief that Republican voters were indicating to him that the current moment is not the right time for him to pursue the presidency. During the conversation with Gowdy, he conveyed that he interprets their message as more of a “Not now” rather than a definitive “No.”

Scott mentioned that he won’t be endorsing any other candidates for the presidency, as he believes his involvement in the race wouldn’t be beneficial. Additionally, he expressed a lack of interest in assuming the role of Vice President.

Following the Fox News interview, Scott conducted a comprehensive call with his entire staff, elaborating on the reasons for discontinuing his presidential campaign and reiterating the points he had previously articulated on television.

Certain staff members conveyed frustration as they had been putting in extensive hours to redirect their efforts towards New Hampshire. However, instead of proceeding with the intended plan, Scott decided to terminate it. One campaign worker mentioned discovering the senator’s decision to quit while watching him on television.

Scott’s exit from the presidential race didn’t come as a surprise to the public, given his consistent struggle to garner support in the polls. As of November 11, a day before he withdrew, his polling numbers were just above 2%.