Thousands Protest Covid Restrictions in Germany


While Joe Biden follows in the footsteps of France in 1940 and surrenders, the German government continues down the dark path of dictatorship as it did in those terrible days.

While the German government may wish to embrace dictatorship even further by imposing limits on those who have been vaccinated, the German people are having none of it.

Rather, they’re standing up for what’s right and calling for an end to the insane Covid limitations, which have not only restored dictatorship but also put tens of millions of people back into abject poverty.

Thousands flocked to the streets of Germany on the 28th to protest the country’s Covid laws, according to the Epoch Times.

Protesting crowds grew to 15,000 or more in certain locations, such as northern Germany, demonstrating the movement’s enormous passion.

Thousands more flocked to the streets in various cities and areas, united in their opposition to the Covid-crazed government’s dictatorial actions.

While the socialist German government has stayed strong and unified in its views despite the thousands-strong rallies, as MSN noted, the protestors are wearing out the nation’s police forces.

It remains to be seen if the demonstrations will be sufficient to persuade the administration to rethink; if they aren’t, additional economic disaster may occur.