Thomas Kingston Dead at 45 Years Old

SUDDEN DEATH - Royalty Gone Way Too Soon


Unexpectedly, a member of the British Royal Family passed away. The late Queen Elizabeth II’s relative Lady Gabriella Windsor was married to Thomas Kingston. His age was 45.

Kingston was discovered dead in Gloucestershire, England, on February 25, according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace on February 27. Although the cause of his death is still unknown, according to emergency personnel, there are no suspicious circumstances and no other parties were there. His death came as a huge surprise to his shocked pals, who add that he was “fit and mentally stable… he wasn’t a depressed individual.”

When Kingston dated Pippa Middleton, Catherine, the Princess of Wales’s younger sister, he established his first connection to the Royal Family. 2011 saw their breakup, but they stayed friends. Then, in 2018, Kingston became engaged to Lady Gabriella, the late queen’s cousin Princess Michael of Kent’s daughter. In May 2018, Queen Elizabeth II and her spouse, Prince Philip, attended their wedding at Windsor Castle.

Being a devout Christian, Kingston spent a large portion of his life serving others. He served as a hostage negotiator for three years while serving as an assistant to the sole Anglican pastor in the nation. He spent the remainder of his life working in finance after returning from Iraq in 2006.

Despite being well outside the “core” of the Royal Family (Lady Gabriella is presently 56th in line for the throne), Buckingham Palace described Kingston as “a much-loved member of the family” in a statement. His passing occurs during a difficult period for the monarchy: the Princess of Wales is recuperating from surgery, the Prince of Wales recently skipped a number of occasions for unspecified personal reasons, and King Charles III was just diagnosed with cancer and is receiving treatment. Not many of the family’s active members are left to manage the demanding schedule of events that Prince Harry is unlikely to ever return to being a working royal.