The President’s Memory Appeared To Fail Him Again


Joe Biden’s memory seemed to fail him once more during his speech at the Summit of the Americas on Sunday. A group of Western Hemisphere countries attended the summit in California, with corruption and migration, which subsequently became illegal immigration into the United States, taking main stage.

In an attempt to deflect blame, Biden once again forgot who he used to work for, a blunder he’s made multiple times since the start of the 2020 presidential campaign.

Having an incompetent as President of the United States has actual effects for real people. That has become clearly obvious in the last year and a half as the Southern Border has deteriorated into turmoil. It’s hard to measure the pain and death caused by the president’s disastrous policy decisions, both directly and indirectly.

But Biden keeps shifting the responsibility. It’s no coincidence that he’s promoting Kamala Harris as the person in charge of this section of the portfolio at this meeting, rather than taking responsibility for the tragedy that has shocked many.

The presidents of numerous Latin American countries, notably Mexico, a regional powerhouse, continued to boycott the summit, undermining the meeting called by the US.

President Biden sought to bring together the leaders of the Americas to demonstrate American power and unity of purpose. Instead, his unwillingness to accept some authoritarian leaders pushed Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia, and El Salvador to cancel their participation.

The top four countries with net migration to the United States are Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. It’s a disaster for Biden if they’re not present, since it implies nothing important will be done during the meetings.