The FBI Is Reportedly Targeting Christians Now More Than Ever

The FBI Is COMING For This Group!


The Federal Bureau of Investigations’ (FBI) primary goals are to protect US citizens and maintain the US Constitution. The agency must recognize, assess, and neutralize both local and international threats to the United States in order to achieve this. A former FBI agent who received the material from a whistleblower claims that at least one field office appears to be targeting Catholics.

Kyle Seraphin, a former FBI agent, recently discussed an internal paper from the Richmond, Virginia, field office on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Seraphin told Carlson he feels the FBI is exploiting the idea of “fringe Catholicism” to start looking into regular Christians to jail them for their views. The note supposedly claimed an initiative to keep a watch on “radical traditionalist Catholics.”

On Twitter, a conservative stated that the announcement was evidence that it was time to “defund and disband” the government agency as it is now and start over.

According to the relevant document, the FBI in Richmond was interested in determining the rise in racially or ethnically motivated extremists (RMVEs) who adhere to radical-traditionalist Catholic (RTC) theology. Seraphin asserts that the sender of the message wanted to impose LGBTQ and abortion rights on the people of America.

The former agent claimed the informant wasn’t Catholic but was aware that the document pointed to an issue. According to the unidentified insider, they were concerned about the precipice the FBI would be on by purportedly targeting extreme Catholics. They assumed that radical religions of other faiths might follow.

Before his suspension in the summer of 2022, Seraphin worked at the FBI for six years. The news source also mentioned that the FBI was contacted by the Catholic News Agency with concerns, and the agency requested that the FBI erase the entire document since it did not adhere to the FBI’s strict requirements.