Texas Woman Indicted For Threatening to Kill Judge in Trump Case


A grand jury’s indictment of a Texas lady with Trump derangement syndrome has led to her being charged with crimes.

Following the FBI raid at President Donald Trump’s estate at Mar-a-Lago, Tiffani Gish allegedly threatened to assassinate a federal judge who is overseeing the president’s case against the Department of Justice.

She repeatedly left voicemails for Judge Aileen Cannon threatening to kill her for allowing the special master to analyze the case’s papers while posing as Russian secret agent Evelyn Salt.

Tiffany Gish, a Houston resident, was identified by an FBI special agent as the alleged author of the three threatening voicemails.

She described herself as “Trump’s hitman” with a “license to kill” and claimed to be “in charge of nuclear” for the Russian government.

The 2010 action movie “Salt” actress Angelina Jolie may have served as an inspiration for the Texas Democrat.

Gish originally refused to speak to the agents when they arrived at her home on September 4; however, she eventually welcomed them inside and spoke with them for about 45 minutes, according to the complaint. According to the complaint, Gish admitted in that interview that the voicemails were left on her cellphone and that she owned a Facebook account with posts that mirrored the wording of the voicemails.

Gish was placed in custody pending trial on Friday by Magistrate Judge Peter Bray, who stated that she appeared to have severe mental impairments with symptoms like paranoia and delusions.

In a court filing, a federal prosecutor demanded that Gish undergo a competency examination because of her history of delusional behavior, including threats against public figures like former president Donald Trump and secretary of state Hillary Clinton while claiming to be a CIA agent, Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and someone familiar with nuclear weapons or war.