Ted Cruz Calls out the WH Admin’s Facilitation of Human Trafficking


With a tweet from July 25 and subsequent media appearances discussing its substance, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) started a little uproar. Cruz’s tweet makes clear how the Biden Administration’s refusal to enforce border security is directly to blame for Mexican gangs brazenly smuggling drugs and sex trade victims into the United States with almost complete impunity.

It is well known that the cartels use young women and teenagers as sex slaves. Cruz said on July 15th, “We heard multiple reports of something, I’ll be candid, I had never heard of before until today — something called a rape tree, which are trees where the traffickers would violently rape young women and then hang their undergarments in the tree as a trophy.”

Amnesty International estimates that 60 percent of women and girls who go to the border between the United States and Mexico are sexually assaulted.

The Trump Administration prioritized stopping human trafficking. Despite their best efforts to minimize Trump’s efforts, the mainstream media reluctantly acknowledged that Trump had taken decisive action.

The anti-human trafficking position taken by President Donald Trump has come to represent his presidency. Since the start of his administration, President Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump has encouraged him to invest in anti-trafficking initiatives. When the Trafficking in Persons report was unveiled at the State Department in 2017, she referred to it as a horrible stain on society.

Ivanka Trump’s efforts to reduce human trafficking throughout the world are also well known, from her influence in the Oval Office to a visit with survivors in Italy.

Either the guys who commit the abuse or the cartels who smuggle adolescent girls and young women into the country illegally to be assaulted. The death penalty has been proposed by President Trump as a suitable punishment for drug dealers. The same might be said about sex traffickers, however the idea of publicly castrating every male who is caught paying for sex with a victim of trafficking seems appealing.