Strike Authorized by American Airline Pilots

Strike AUTHORIZED - The Gloves Are Off!


The airline sector has faced significant challenges over the past few years, with flight cancellations and disgruntled staff members causing disruptions. Presently, there is a possibility of a strike by pilots at one airline. On May 1, the Allied Pilots Association revealed that their members had voted to permit a strike. Following this announcement, hundreds of pilots staged picket lines outside airports to demonstrate their resolve. More than 500 pilots and their families gathered at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina to protest.

A group of protesters demonstrated at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

In addition to protesting at various airports, pilots have indicated that they plan to strike at airports in other cities, including the nation’s capital, Boston, Miami, and New York. The Allied Pilots Association represents around 15,000 workers at American Airlines.

According to a statement posted on the union’s website, over 96% of its members participated in the voting process on May 1, and 99% of them supported the strike. A spokesperson for the union, Dennis Tajer, informed KERA News that the pilots want the public to be aware that “management is pushing American Airlines to strike” and that the process for doing so has commenced.

The pilots are currently embroiled in a contract disagreement with the airline. Although they have been offered a salary increase over the next four years, they believe it is insufficient and want more time off. As federal law prohibits pilots from merely walking off the job, they had to vote for the strike option. 

If they do opt to strike, they will be required to present their case before the National Mediation Board. American Airlines stated in a press release that it respected the outcome of the vote and understood that it was “one of the important ways pilots express their desire to get a deal done.” The airline noted that “The finish line is in sight.”