State Government Allegedly Steals Child From Parents Over Transgender Opposition

State KIDNAPPED Their Child?!? SHOCKING Accusation!


A Montana family reportedly lost guardianship of their 14-year-old daughter due to purported reluctance to accept her identification as the opposite gender. The family accused Montana’s child protective services of “abduction” after their daughter began identifying as a male, as highlighted by the media outlet.

In a conversation with Reduxx, Todd and Krista Kolstad from Glasgow, Montana, shared that officials removed their daughter and plan to relocate her to Canada. Krista detailed how events unfolded starting in August 2023 when Jennifer was hospitalized following suicide attempts. Todd mentioned that during their time at the hospital, Jennifer insisted on being referred to as “Leo” and preferred the pronouns “he” and “him.”

Todd informed the media outlet that despite expressing their disagreement, hospital personnel disregarded their wishes and began undermining their parental authority. Jennifer stayed at the medical facility for additional assessment, during which the Kolstads and Child and Family Services (CFS) concurred that Jennifer should receive counseling at a specialized residential facility.

Yet, despite assurances that their daughter would be accommodated at a facility in Montana, the Kolstads were surprised to receive a call informing them that Jennifer would instead be sent to Wyoming. Although they expressed the need for clarification before agreeing to the arrangement, Child and Family Services (CFS) personnel, along with law enforcement officers, arrived at their residence shortly afterward to relocate Jennifer out of state.

The Kolstads said they were prohibited from directly communicating with their daughter during her time in Wyoming. A month later, she was returned to Montana but was placed in a Youth Dynamics group home. The Kolstads stated that she has remained there since, and a court ruled to transfer Jennifer’s custody to CFS, as they opposed allowing Jennifer to transition and live as a boy.

Todd and Krista informed Reduxx that according to CFS, their daughter would be placed in the custody of her birth mother, Christine, in Canada, with plans for her to undergo sex-change surgery. Allegedly, the judge cautioned the family to anticipate that any future reunion might not meet their expectations.