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Squatters Force Homeowner To Pay Ransom In Democrat City

In Pennsylvania, a resident had to shell out $1,200 to evict squatters from his property, as law enforcement proved ineffective in addressing the issue. Chris Harte, the homeowner, disclosed that the squatters had unlawfully entered his residence during the selling process. Despite seeking assistance from the police and city authorities, he was left with no choice but to incur expenses to reclaim his home.

According to Harte, the police clarified their inability to intervene, and court personnel mentioned that a formal eviction process would take more than six months. Expressing disbelief, Harte, who had to make payments for the squatters’ removal, asserted that the situation was incredible and amounted to the city essentially rewarding criminal conduct.

In December, shortly after the incident began, Harte had a conversation with Fox News. He shared that, as he was in the midst of selling an investment property in Philadelphia, his real estate agent informed him on December 8 that individuals had taken residence in the newly renovated home. She described hearing noise the previous night and observing people entering the property, removing the “for sale” sign.

While Harte was on a school run and subsequently had to pick up his wife from the airport, he contacted the police. Upon the officers’ visit to the house and their subsequent call to him, they relayed that the squatters were trying to install new locks on the door. The officers also conveyed that the squatters asserted they were renting the property, stating there was no action they could take.

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