Six Bodies Uncovered in the Mojave Desert

Six DEAD Bodies UNCOVERED - Eerie Mystery


Authorities discovered six bodies following a welfare check request in a secluded section of the Mojave Desert. Five of the deceased were located near two vehicles, while the sixth victim was found later. Information regarding the circumstances of the deaths is limited, but certain media sources are suggesting that the incident may be the focal point of a homicide inquiry.

According to NBC News, deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the remote location along Highway 395 at approximately 8:15 p.m. on January 23.

At that location, emergency personnel retrieved five of the bodies close to the junction of Lessing Avenue and Shadow Mountain Road. The sixth individual was located the next morning. Investigations into the identities of the victims, encompassing details like age and gender, are still ongoing.

There is currently no official information on the cause of death for the six individuals. However, images obtained by KTLA5 from Sky5 suggest the possibility of significant gunfire at the location. Approximately two dozen evidence markers indicate potential locations where bullet casings may have been found.

The white SUV appears unharmed, while the charcoal-blue SUV with Oregon plates reportedly suffered numerous bullet holes and had its rear window glass missing.

Sections resembling blood are in close proximity as well, but these areas in the available images have been intentionally blurred due to their reported gruesome nature. Additionally, sources suggest that certain bodies might have undergone burning.

NBC News verified the initiation of a homicide investigation, though authorities have not revealed any information about potential suspects. ABC7 interviewed Bill Bodner, a retired DEA agent, who mentioned that the area faces challenges related to illicit cannabis cultivation and methamphetamine production. Hence, drugs could be a contributing factor, according to Bodner.

He also pointed out that the police probably have a lead on the person who requested the wellness check. Although this individual didn’t provide details about dead bodies or other specifics, they might possess additional information regarding the circumstances that led to the tragic incident.