Shot Fired Outside Kamala Harris Home

VP Harris EMERGENCY - Gunshots Reported!


The effects of the Democrats’ lax criminal justice policies are beginning to discomfort close to home. Near the vice president’s home, at least one shot was recently fired. Although there is no proof that she was intentionally targeted, her Secret Service detail had to handle the situation.

On April 17, at 1:30 am, shots were fired near the US Naval Observatory in the neighborhood where Vice President Kamala Harris resides, at 34th and Massachusetts in Washington, DC. Responding agents from the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service blocked off the area and cleared it of debris. They found a broken stoplight that may have been struck by a bullet.

Harris and First Gentleman Doug Emhoff, her husband, turned out to be nowhere to be found that evening. Harris was visiting a renewable energy startup while Harris was also in Los Angeles to record a podcast. Even when the vice president isn’t at home, the Naval Observatory is nonetheless protected by the Secret Service.

The Secret Service will now inquire as to whether it is being protected sufficiently. Although crime in Washington, DC has long been a problem (the city’s crime rate was 1.8 times the national average in 2020), historically, it has primarily occurred in the southern suburbs. The more wealthy north and the central business and government districts are now affected. Even liberals are beginning to worry about it, as the Washington Post editorial last September discussed.

The issue is that the Democrats aren’t just doing nothing about it; they’re actually making it worse.

Liberal local governments and district attorneys have implemented a number of lenient justice practices as a result of the George Floyd riots. If the offenders are supporting the “right” causes, civil disturbance and criminal damage have been permitted while repeat offenders are released from jail and allowed to commit new crimes.