Sen. Rick Scott Accuses Biden of ‘Killing the Economy’


Sen. Rick Scott on Friday said President Joe Biden is “killing this economy” and accused him of being glad that people are losing their jobs for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Biden has accused unvaccinated people of putting the economy at risk, but Scott, R-Fla., told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” that “Emperor Biden” and other Democrats “have no concept of how an economy works” by pushing for people to be fired if they don’t get the shots. 

“The big story is Joe Biden is firing people,” Scott said. “Joe Biden is telling people, ‘Hey, look, if you are concerned about your health, I don’t care. … We’re going to make sure you get fired because you are not doing what I tell you to do.'”

Biden, though, “thinks he can tell us what we should do,” regardless if people decide for themselves whether they want a vaccine. 

“I mean, if you decide for your own health that you don’t want to get a vaccine, you get fired, and that’s OK for Joe Biden?” Scott said. “That vaccine mandate, what’s it going to do? More people are going to get fired.”

That will mean fewer supplies and higher inflation, he continued, which will hurt “the  poorest families and people on a fixed income.”

Instead, the Democrats and the administration should be working to find people jobs, Scott said, not forcing people to get vaccinated. He also said more work should be done to sell people on the shots, rather than punishing them if they don’t get them.