Sea Lion Barges Startled Hotel Guest Off His Lounger In Hilarious Video


This is the amusing moment a sea lion bravely entered a hotel pool before grabbing a confused guest’s sunbed while visitors looked on.

Wendy and her dog Lulu are frequent visitors to the luxury Galapagos Islands resort and are well-known for their shenanigans.

A holidaymaker caught hilarious footage of the tiny critter dragging herself up some steps from the water to the facility’s outdoor area.

Wendy then proceeded to attack the hotel pool, diving in head first without hesitation.

The feisty sea lion, however, jumped out of the water and made a beeline for the single sun lounger occupied by a tourist after a little cruise through the ocean.

The funny video shows the befuddled visitor leaping to his feet as Wendy shoves him out of the way and takes his seat.

He can be seen hurriedly collecting his towel from the sunbed before tossing his arm in the air in astonishment as Wendy settles in.

Wendy is warned about by hotel guests, who are advised to keep at least six feet away from the sun lounger thief.

Guests are also advised not to brush or feed Wendy and her dog, who are frequently seen lying in the sun on the hotel’s loungers.

And there’s a reason why tourists are advised to remain their distance: the slippery marine animals have a history of attacking humans.

The hazardous reputation of the animals is sometimes obscured by more terrible monsters lurking in the water, as well as their presence in circuses and exhibitions, making them easily overlooked.

Swimmers frequently misinterpret their inquisitive nature as friendliness, forgetting that their animal instincts will always reign supreme.

No matter how many charming cartoons you’ve seen, humans are playing an underwater game of Russian roulette by diving into their surroundings.

While assaults are uncommon, getting within 8 feet of the creatures can be deadly.

In their undersea territory – and on land – their speed, strength, and disturbing element of surprise make them a formidable opponent.

In May 2017, one sea lion became an overnight celebrity after exhibiting such clever talents.

In front of startled tourists, the beast pulled a tiny child from behind off a Canadian wharf in British Columbia.

Another terrifying event occurred in 2019, when a 13-year-old girl was attacked by one of the beasts while frolicking in the water.