School Calls Police On Four Year Old For Not Wearing A Mask


A 4-year-old boy with developmental challenges was being pulled from the classroom because he wasn’t wearing a mask, so California school administrators phoned the police.

On August 10, a boy who shall remain nameless began transitional kindergarten at Theuerkauf Elementary.

Due of sensory difficulties, the kid found it challenging to wear a face mask during the epidemic. When the child had to wear a mask to the dentist and doctor, he grew upset, but the medical staff made modifications for the child’s developmental concerns.

Out of worry for his safety, the father, who only went by “Shawn” said he started corresponding with the Mountain View Whisman School District in the spring. The superintendent, according to Shawn, was non-responsive.

“I welcome him here and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I want him here but it is our district’s policy to have to wear a mask.”

He brought his youngster to school each day for the following four days but was turned away. Additionally, he engaged a lawyer, who demanded Shawn’s son be permitted to attend school in accordance with the state constitution by sending the district a cease-and-desist letter.

According to reports, the father is thinking of suing the institution.

Shawn’s legal representative, Tracy Henderson of the California Parents Union, claimed that the school’s denial of the student violated the law.

The school district banned masks at Thursday night’s board meeting.

Based on COVID-19 cases, the school district decides if masks must be worn on a weekly basis.

For any visitors to schools, at large events, and on buses, masks will still be required.

Shawn was disappointed that the school system had removed the mask requirement because he pointed out that they could have easily put it back in place.

The father requests that the policy provide parents the option of whether to require their children to wear masks to school.