Russia Faces Alleged Counter-Invasion

COUNTER-INVASION: Shocking Frontline Development!


Ukraine was invaded by Russia almost two years ago. Attacks on Russian territory have occurred, but the conflict has mostly remained in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin may be confronted with a counter-invasion, according to recent reports.

Rumor has it that militias backed by the Ukrainian government have attacked various locations along the Russian border. The factions asserted that they had sent tanks and armored vehicles into Russian territory on March 12. Reportedly, they ventured toward the districts of Belgorod and Kursk.

It has been reported that the Free Russia Legion—a group primarily comprised of Russian nationals fighting on the side of Ukraine—posted a video to social media demonstrating the transfer of tanks into Russia. A video depicting the destruction of a Russian military vehicle was also shared by the group. A joint effort between the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Siberian Battalion was announced by the Legion. One of the border communities was supposedly taken over by the groups.

Russia’s Defense Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB) reportedly confirmed the invasions, according to ABC News, but asserted that the fighters were unsuccessful. Ukrainian fighters were reportedly “repulsed” when they sustained high casualties while trying to enter Russia, according to the outlet. Allegedly, over a hundred Ukrainian fighters lost their lives. The FSB also said the Russian military destroyed “six tanks, a Cesar self-propelled gun, [and] 20 armored combat vehicles.”

Reporters were informed by Kursk Governor Roman Starovoyt that a gunfight had broken out in his territory. Still, he claimed that the bigger invasion had been thwarted. In the aftermath of the attack, Kursk schools began offering classes online in an effort to shield pupils from any future attacks by Ukrainian extremists.

The Ukrainian military launched a string of drone strikes in addition to the militia attacks. There were 26 drones shot down over seven areas, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Prior to their destruction, a few of the Ukrainian drones managed to penetrate deep inside Russia.