Rudy Giuliani’s Woes Pile Up As Lawyer Sues Him

Rudy Giuliani BLINDSIDED - More Bad News!


Rudy Giuliani, the ex-Mayor of New York City, is facing further legal troubles as he finds himself entangled in a lawsuit filed by his own attorney over unpaid legal expenses. Robert Costello, representing the law firm Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP, has initiated legal action, asserting that Giuliani has an outstanding balance of over $1.3 million. This dispute stems from a retainer agreement that Giuliani entered into with Costello in 2019, resulting in a total debt of $1,574,196.10. To date, Giuliani has only managed to settle $214,000 of this amount.

Costello and his law firm contend that they have provided legal representation or participated in various cases involving Rudy Giuliani across multiple states over a span of three years. A substantial portion of the accrued debt stems from Costello and his firm’s involvement in Giuliani’s legal affairs, particularly during the criminal investigation related to the January 6th riot at the US Capitol and legal matters in Georgia pertaining to election controversies.

It’s worth noting that Giuliani voluntarily turned himself in to face charges related to the 2020 Presidential election in Georgia. Both Giuliani and Donald Trump are currently facing legal charges in the state concerning their roles in the 2020 election.

On September 7, former President Trump organized a fundraising event at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club to support Rudy Giuliani’s legal expenses. Attendees were required to pay $100,000 per plate, and reports suggested that the event was anticipated to generate approximately $1 million in funds. Subsequently, on September 14, Giuliani took the step of making a payment of $10,000 to Robert Costello.

In addition to these financial matters, Giuliani is currently grappling with other legal challenges. A judge in Georgia has found him responsible in a defamation lawsuit where two Georgia election workers alleged that Giuliani falsely accused them of engaging in fraudulent activities. Consequently, Giuliani has been ordered to provide $130,000 to cover their legal costs, with the possibility of facing further financial obligations in this regard.

In the preceding year, a judge issued a warning to Rudy Giuliani, raising the possibility of imprisonment due to his outstanding debt of $260,000 owed to his third ex-wife. Moreover, in May, a former employee initiated a lawsuit alleging that Giuliani owed her a substantial sum of $2 million in unpaid wages, coupled with allegations of inappropriate conduct.

Expressing his personal dismay, Giuliani conveyed his disappointment regarding Robert Costello’s lawsuit seeking reimbursement for legal fees, deeming the amount excessive. In response, Costello pointed out that Giuliani had received invoices over a span of four years without any objections but had yet to make any payments.