Ridiculous Michigan Democrats Planned to Ban GPS Use

Illegal: Dems Halt Voting To STOP Losing


The Michigan House of Representatives postponed a vote on a package of proposals earlier this week that would have further criminalized all non-car navigation systems.

Democrats stalled this while the bill was being debated and voted on in the Senate. They adjourned the meeting abruptly after that.

Extreme Laws

In order to prevent public embarrassment, the dishonest left-wing coalition of “defending Democracy” resorted to cheating in order to pass their package of bills, HB 4250-4252.

These proposed regulations would make it illegal for drivers to have or use portable electronic devices. In addition to increasing punishments for offenses, the measures also include provisions for suspending a driver’s license for numerous offenses.

The bill goes further by making it illegal to text while driving. License suspensions would be possible under this law after three offenses. In Michigan, “distracted driving” is already illegal due to existing laws.

The laws were perceived as a big windfall to the Michigan insurance industry, contributing to a spike in the cost of car coverage. The cost of car insurance is currently the highest in the country.

The state Senate is controlled by Democrats with a 20-18 majority, while the state House is controlled by Democrats with a 56-54 majority. Despite the slim majority, they have managed to pass as many extreme laws as possible, sometimes with only a handful of token Republican votes.

Four Republicans joined the Democrats in voting for the bill. There were at least nine Democrats voting “no” when the Democrats stopped voting.

Four Republican representatives voted with the Democrats: Pat Outman, Mike Mueller, Graham Filler, and Brad Slagh.

Democrats Can’t Take a Loss

When serving on the Transportation, Mobility, and Infrastructure Committee, four Republicans voted in favor of the same package of bills. These lawmakers are Representatives Pat Outman, John Roth, Tom Kunse, and Alicia St. Germaine.

According to workers with knowledge of Republican voters’ intentions, Rep. Greg Van Woerkom was all set to vote yes when voting was called off.