Retired Police Chief Sounds the Alarm, Claims Defund the Police “Isn’t Dead”

Ex-Police Chief Issues DIRE Warning!


Prominent members of the Democratic party have distanced themselves from the “defund the police” movement due to increasing public dissatisfaction with rising crime rates. Nonetheless, a retired police chief cautions that the concept persists. He suggests that while it may not be as overt, radical liberals continue to advocate for it by obstructing law enforcement efforts.

Following George Floyd’s death in 2020, “defund the police” swiftly emerged as the rallying call of the extreme left. Radical elements within city administrations sought to enact reductions in police budgets, intending to allocate those funds to alternative crime prevention methods.

 However, the majority of these endeavors faltered due to widespread public resistance. Polls indicated that merely 20% of the populace endorsed the movement. Additionally, prominent Democratic figures denounced the idea, with then-House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) remarking that the slogan was detrimental to the party and needed to be abandoned.

Weitzel cautioned that the momentum behind the “Defund the police” movement hasn’t waned; rather, it’s resurging. He observed that left-wing activists are no longer staging overt protests regarding police budgets. Instead, progressive authorities are imposing limitations on law enforcement activities. For instance, in February, officials in Pittsburgh declared that lower-priority calls would no longer necessitate an in-person response, effectively curtailing police engagement in such cases.

Weitzel stated that the city aims to diminish patrols and decrease the number of calls for police assistance from 200,000 annually to 50,000. “Non-emergency” offenses such as theft, harassment, and burglary will now be addressed through online or telephone channels rather than through direct police intervention. This implies a reduction in police presence on the streets, aligning with the objectives of “defund the police” extremists.