Republicans Secure Historic Victory in Deep Blue State

GOP VICTORY - They're Taking Over!


The recent elections brought disappointment for Republicans in many parts of the United States. The loss of the Virginia state House to the Democrats stood out as a particularly disheartening outcome. However, amidst these challenges, there were some positive developments. The GOP has been gradually challenging liberal dominance in New York, and this trend persisted in the events of last Tuesday.

Ed Romaine, the Republican contender for the executive position in Suffolk County, secured a decisive victory on November 7 by garnering 56% of the votes, effectively defeating his Democratic rival, David Calone. While this achievement may not seem groundbreaking on its own, two notable aspects elevate its significance.

Firstly, Romaine’s win marks the first time in two decades that a Republican has claimed that particular seat. Secondly, the GOP’s accomplishment extends beyond this single victory, as it now commands every countywide seat in both Suffolk and Nassau Counties. This consolidated control positions the party with a firm grasp on eastern Long Island.

Another triumph on November 7 was achieved by Sue Serino, who successfully secured the executive position in Dutchess County. Notably, Dutchess County boasts a Republican majority in the county legislature. Adding to their successes, the GOP also commands all four congressional seats within the county.

The media initially noted Long Island’s Republican surge in 2021, witnessing the party’s success in securing various positions, such as Nassau County’s executive and district attorney. This marked the beginning of the trend, and the election on November 7 further advanced this political shift.

The area now stands in contrast to the predominantly Democratic stance of the rest of New York. However, this recent boost for the state’s Republicans serves as a significant encouragement. If they can effectively secure victories in New York by fielding strong candidates and challenging what appeared to be secure Democratic positions, there’s no reason why they cannot replicate such success in other states as well.

Currently, enthusiastic Conservatives are labeling Long Island as a stronghold for the Republican party. Given the perceived impact of the Democrats’ open border policies and lenient policing approach contributing to disorder in New York, there is potential for the influence of this stronghold to expand significantly.