Republican Governor Calls for Red Flag Law

Governor Calls For This Red Flag Rule!


On March 27, 2023, just a week and a half before Easter, a gunman entered The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, and started firing. Three parents and three 9-year-olds were brutally shot to death. Police identified the suspected shooter as transgender guy Aiden Hale, 28, who had previously attended the institution.

Tennessee experienced a firestorm after the tragedy. After violating the regulations of their chamber, two politicians were ejected from the legislature. The capital has been shaken by protests. The governor is now urging tougher gun controls.

Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) signed an executive order enhancing background checks for firearm sales on Tuesday, April 11. In addition, he urged legislators in the Capitol’s GOP-controlled chamber to approve a red flag statute.

It’s time to “set aside politics and pride and accomplish something,” the governor said, adding that he thinks “there is a clear need for action.”

Law enforcement officials and the courts have the authority to take guns from law-abiding persons who are supposedly a risk to themselves or others under red flag statutes. Because the laws permit seizures to take place without a hearing where the subject may provide a defense, they create constitutional issues.

According to the National Rifle Association (NRA), the legislation may also enable those who disagree with someone’s political stance to seize property for political reasons. In that lawsuit, the pro-gun group contends that red flag regulations are unconstitutional under the First Amendment and the due process clause.

Randy McNally, the lieutenant governor, declared he would support a red flag law in the state. He reportedly stated that he still unambiguously supports the Second Amendment and thinks it’s crucial for ensuring people’s safety. He did, though, state that he believes measures should be taken to guarantee that mentally ill individuals do not have access to weapons that can be used in mass casualty situations.

McNally went on to say that he believes it is possible to safeguard American citizens’ constitutional rights while also ensuring that  “people experiencing severe mental health crisis” don’t own firearms.

Republicans from other states disagree. Protecting the state’s citizens’ constitutional rights is a top issue for Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson (R). He made it plain that, as he always has, he will continue to oppose red flag regulations, according to the Nashville Scene. Rep. Jason Zachary (R) declared he will oppose the bill as well.