Reporters Erupt in Anger Over Biden Refusing to Take Questions

Reporters Erupt in Anger Over Brandon REFUSING to Take Questions!


The White House is protecting President Joe Biden from the media by not allowing him to answer questions, despite pledging during a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar that they would.

After his press conference with Varadkar on Friday, Biden smirked, raised his eyebrows, and disregarded shouted questions, leaving the Irish Prime Minister to speak with reporters on the White House driveway. As a result, reporters exploded in rage.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, promised reporters on Thursday that they will have a chance to talk with the president. When foreign leaders visit the US, Biden frequently avoids answering questions, according to the press.

“I’ve spoken to this many times. I’ve brought it up many times, and I gave an explanation that these are diplomatic conversations that happen with the countries that are visiting, and it is something that is decided in that way. You’re going to have an opportunity, or your colleagues are going to have an opportunity, to ask questions during the pool spray at the Oval that happens every time a head of state visits. So that is an opportunity to be able to pose a question to the president or the head of state that is visiting at the White House on that day,”  Jean-Pierre had stated prior to the visit.

Reporters dissented, pointing out that Biden never responds to inquiries.

“Karine, he never answers questions during those pool sprays,” one reporter pointed out.

Another reporte voiced out, “We get shouted at. We get shoved out.”

Still, Jean-Pierre rejected the comments made by the reporters and insisted that Biden accept questions.