Reporter Slaps Down Biden Press Secretary on Gas Prices


It is agonizing to see Karine Jean-Pierre in her role as Biden’s press secretary. There is no political prejudice here; the lady is not qualified to assume this post. She is utterly useless as the spokesperson for this government, which already has a man who is somewhat insane as its leader. This wasn’t some unexpected development, after all. Every time KJP was employed to replace her predecessor, Jen Psaki, it turned out to be a dumpster fire, yet for some reason no one felt inclined to search for alternative possibilities.

KJP, who is the first black lesbian to hold the office, marked this presidency’s historical turning point. She also becomes difficult to ignore or ignore. Let’s discuss the train catastrophe that the Biden White House is dealing with now that she face-planted.

Peter Doocy of Fox News bombarded her on a number of topics, particularly gas prices, where KJP sought to portray the idea that prices were going down as a victory for the government. Because of the recession, they are declining. Second, they’re still $1.72 more than they were when Joe entered office, as Doocy pointed out.

This two-minute prepared word salad, as others have noticed, demonstrates the White House’s lack of respect for the dead American service personnel.

Joe didn’t want to enrage the Taliban, so we also left hundreds of Americans behind.

Doocy also emphasized the need to discourage China on the Taiwan issue by pointing out that Joe essentially did nothing to stop Russia from invading Ukraine.

According to KJP, the sanctions have destroyed Russia’s economy as a result of the invasion, and China has no justification for escalating the manner it has over Taiwan in recent days.

Karine Jean-Pierre is the one person we all know can’t be the voice of the Biden presidency at a time when we need clarity as we enter a proxy war in Ukraine with no end in sight, a failing economy, and an increasingly tense situation with Beijing. This is made worse by the fact that Biden himself cannot be trusted because what he says is also complete nonsense.