Reporter Confirms Biden Family Corruption in Buried Emails


Politico caught up to the New York Post, conservative outlets, and confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop is “real”. But one Politico reporter is shining a light on unreported material.

Ben Shreckinger (author of “The Bidens”) sat down to talk with podcasters from The Hill about how the media has responded. It was a “massive worldwide controversy”, and he explored what is most disturbing about the Hunter Biden laptop and, more importantly, emails that suggest President Joe Biden’s deep corruption.

“Most importantly, I spoke to someone who for a time had some independent access to Hunter Biden’s e-mails,” he said. “They say he did receive an e-mail from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for the chance to meet his father and that he did receive an e-mail from a business partner laying out the proposed equity structure for a venture, it was some Chinese business executives that included the line ‘10 held by each for The Big Guy.’”

“Those were the lines that were sort of at the center of a controversy last October, the e-mails that were initially published by ‘The New York Post,’” he said. “And I was also able to corroborate some other e-mails that didn’t really make the news. That just sort of showed that there’s other genuine material here. I spoke to a couple of people who corresponded with Hunter Biden in 2018 and 2019 and they said, ‘Yep, those messages are messages I did exchange with him.’”

“And then I obtained some e-mails from a Swedish government agency,” he went on. “For a while, Hunter Biden had an office in the complex on K Street that houses the Swedish embassy. So, the Swedish government was essentially his landlord. They released to me a half dozen or a dozen e-mail exchanges, and those match emails and the cash. So what I can say is that some of this material, at least, is genuine.”

Politico finally did its journalism due diligence regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story. For millions of voters who were looking for accurate information prior to the 2020 election, it was another case of too little too late. This week’s Politico Playbook revealed the terrible truth:

Ben Schreckinger’s “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” out today, finds evidence that some of the purported HUNTER BIDEN laptop material is genuine, including two emails at the center of last October’s controversy.

A person who had independent access to Hunter Biden’s emails confirmed he did receive a 2015 email from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for the chance to meet Joe Biden. The same goes for a 2017 email in which a proposed equity breakdown of a venture with Chinese energy executives includes the line, “10 held by H for the big guy?” (This person recalled seeing both emails, but was not in a position to compare the leaked emails word-for-word to the originals.)

MORE: Emails released by a Swedish government agency also match emails in the leaked cache, and two people who corresponded with Hunter Biden confirmed emails from the cache were genuine.

While the leak contains genuine files, it remains possible that fake material has been slipped in.

BACKGROUND: A former Hunter Biden business partner, TONY BOBULINSKI, said last year the “10 Held by H” email was genuine and referred to plans for Hunter to hold equity in the venture — which did not get off the ground — on behalf of his father. Biden’s campaign said he never considered going into business with his family.

This contrasts with , a story published by Politico on October 2020, just weeks prior to the presidential election. Natasha Bertrand wrote it. It is a beautiful book that will make you weep.

More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

The letter, signed on Monday, centers around a batch of documents released by the New York Post last week that purport to tie the Democratic nominee to his son Hunter’s business dealings. Under the banner headline “Biden Secret E-mails,” the Post reported it was given a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who said he got it from a Mac shop owner in Delaware who also alerted the FBI.

While the letter’s signatories presented no new evidence, they said their national security experience had made them “deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case” and cited several elements of the story that suggested the Kremlin’s hand at work.

However, the New York Post would be suppressed by social media giants such as Facebook or Twitter. Millions of people were prevented from voting in the election by unprecedented media censorship. “Electoral interference” indeed.

Just one week after the election, in November 2020, the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard observed that Donald Trump’s performance at polls was negatively affected by the media’s suppression about Hunter Biden.

In a new survey, 4.6% of Biden’s voters said they would not have selected him had they been aware of his son’s China money affair.

According to a McLaughlin & Associates poll done for the Media Research Center, 36% of Biden voters were not aware of the scandal. And 13% of those said they would not have voted for Biden had they known.

“Such a shift away from Biden would have meant President Trump would have won the election with 289 electoral votes,” said the polling outfit, which did work for the Trump campaign in 2016 and this year.

Social media giants were aware of what they were doing and cable news companies were there to assist them in causing interference for the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. Project Veritas captured in December 2020 audio interviews with CNN executives discussing how they had spooked the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The U.S. Attorney in the Hunter Biden case was a well-known prosecutor who has taken on powerful Delaware politicians. He also took steps to ensure that case developments were not included in the 2020 presidential election cycle.

According to a report from Politico, David Weiss is a former U.S. Attorney who “kept his investigation into Biden’s son out of 2020 campaign.”

Federal officials advising the prosecutor Weiss told him to “avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election,” the report noted.

According to the New York Times, Twitter was cleared by the Federal Election Commission by censoring a New York Post article regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The FEC decided that Twitter’s suppression of the story was “undertaken for a valid commercial reason, not a political purpose” and “followed existing policies related to hacked materials.”

The Hunter Biden files were not “hacked” but they were also on the laptop he left at a Delaware shop. Twitter did not take similar actions many other times there was potentially hacked information on their platform, likely because of Donald Trump’s story.

The Daily Mail conducted a forensic audit. Its results were published in April 20,21. It proved that the laptop named Hunter Biden was Hunter Biden’s.

The Daily Mail has authenticated that the “103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, more than 2,000 photos and dozens of videos” belong to the president’s son. The laptop is “brimming with evidence of apparent criminal activity by Hunter and his associates including drug trafficking and prostitution,” the Daily Mail reports.

The Hunter Biden story isn’t really about Hunter Biden, as the Wall Street Journal recently stated. It’s about Joe Biden.