Rep. Jackson Lee Under Fire for Impeachment Comment

Rep. Jackson Lee BLASTED - She's Taking Heat!


House Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee advanced impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on January 31. This development coincides with Mayorkas engaging in discussions with lawmakers regarding a border security bill. Criticism is directed at a Democratic congresswoman for her comments on the GOP’s impeachment efforts.

On the eve of the impeachment vote, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) raised objections both in a hearing and on social media. She expressed her stance on X, formerly Twitter, asserting, “Impeachment is not meant as a tool to be used for revenge.” The congresswoman, who faced defeat in the recent mayoral race in Houston, posted a video discussing the matter.

The congresswoman faced criticism from conservatives for her statements. Aaron Ray Hermes, a Republican congressional candidate vying for her position, questioned why Democrats initiated impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump following his conversation with the Ukrainian president.

Users on X highlighted the irony in Lee’s statement, noting the humor in light of Democrats impeaching Trump on two occasions. Some emphasized that impeachment is intended as a tool to protect the country’s democracy.

The impeachment articles have been forwarded to the entire House, where Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) is tasked with presenting them for a comprehensive vote. While there are numerous advocates for Mayorkas’ forthcoming impeachment within the House, the Senate GOP is not enthusiastic about it.

A number of Senate Republicans have expressed discontent with the House after Johnson declared that any bipartisan immigration bill would be rejected without prior examination. There are claims that former President Donald Trump is urging the GOP to oppose the bill, with him allegedly wanting to make it a focal point for his candidacy, though he denies such influence. 

Additionally, some conservatives have stated their reluctance to provide President Joe Biden with a victory in an election year.

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), involved in crafting the bill, likened the Mayorkas impeachment situation to the broader events surrounding the immigration bill. He criticized the House for obstructing a bill without reviewing its contents and simultaneously focusing on impeaching an administration member without thoroughly investigating the grounds for impeachment.