Rand Paul Reports Staffer Attacked in Broad Daylight

U.S. Senator Reports PHYSICAL ATTACK - Weapon Involved!


For the residents of Washington, DC, crime has grown to be a significant issue. Even Congressmen and their staff are not secure. That was once more proven in a weekend attack.

Phillip Todd, a member of Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) office, was severely stabbed on March 25. According to a news release from the Metropolitan Police Department, officers located the employee when they responded to a report just after 5 o’clock. His injuries were considered life-threatening, so he was taken to the hospital.

Todd was strolling with another person when a stranger suddenly appeared around a corner and started stabbing Todd. The victim, according to the witness, was assaulted multiple times before he managed to seize the suspect. The victim was holding his arms when the witness tackled him, and a battle ensued. They eventually managed to flee, but not before Todd had incurred critical injuries.

Tim Todd, Todd’s uncle, shared an update regarding his nephew on social media. He said that his nephew had a collapsed lung, damage to his skull, and injuries to his brain and abdomen. Todd required surgery for his abdominal wounds as well as a particularly severe head stab wound. The uncle claimed that doctors are concerned about the potential seizures in the future.

Glynn Neal, 42, was detained by police and accused of assault with the intent to kill. According to reports, the suspect was freed from jail one day before the attack. His sentence for coercing two women into prostitution was more than 12 years.

In a statement regarding Todd’s attack, Senator Paul asked the public to join him and his wife in “praying for a speedy and complete recovery.” He also expressed gratitude to the hospital staff and emergency personnel. In order for everyone to “focus on healing and recovery,” the congressman requested privacy.