Ramaswamy’s Vehicle Rammed by Protestors

Top Republican ATTACKED - Protestors GO WILD!


Vivek Ramaswamy, a contender for the Republican presidential nomination, was recently present in Iowa. During his visit, a pair of progressive demonstrators confronted him, expressing strong dissent over his suggested conservative approaches regarding education and youth. Following this encounter, a vehicular collision resulted in significant financial damage to Ramaswamy’s vehicle, and he maintains that the protestors bear responsibility for the incident.

Ramaswamy posted on X, the platform previously recognized as Twitter, that he had a respectful conversation with demonstrators about American educational matters. In his social media update, he asserted that this discussion, which Daily Mail journalist Katelyn Caralle documented, took place just prior to the protestors entering their vehicle.

Ramaswamy reported that the vehicle promptly reversed into his own, resulting in a collision, and he maintains that this collision was intentional. Caralle shared images of the resulting damage, estimating that the repairs for each party would amount to approximately $600. 

The presidential candidate, who holds staunch conservative views, emphasized that the majority of the protestors were peaceful, and he believed that only the two individuals in the vehicle should face consequences.

Brianne Pfannenstiel, the principal political correspondent at the Des Moines Register, shared the Grinnell Police Department’s official statement regarding the incident. The document affirms that the department conducted an inquiry into Ramaswamy’s assertions but couldn’t uncover any substantiating evidence.

According to the release, the driver, 22-year-old Celia Meagher, did not try to escape the scene. In her statement to the police, she expressed unawareness that the vehicle she collided with belonged to the presidential candidate. Meagher also contended that her presence at the scene was unrelated to the protest.