Putin May Have Thyroid Cancer Causing His Steroid Ukraine War Rage


Vladimir Putin, the Russian tyrant, could be suffering from cancer.

The treatment could be leading him to experience so-called steroid anger, a condition that makes him aggressive and complicates international peace efforts greatly.

Putin’s personal health problems could be serious.

He is quite likely to be suffering from thyroid cancer, which is treated with steroids, as he is now being followed by specialists who specialize in that type of cancer.

Putin is constantly visited and/or accompanied by Dr. Yevgeny Selivanov, a pro-opposition Russian journalism site outlawed in Russia and whose staff has moved overseas.

Selivanov was flown to Sochi, the Black Sea resort where Putin’s favorite mansion is located, at least 35 times, spending at least 166 days with him, according to the study.

Dr. Alexey Shcheglov, a neurosurgeon with ENT, is Putin’s most frequent companion. He has seen him at least 59 times. In recent years, he has spent at least 282 days with Putin, frequently appearing in the backdrop of his photographs.

Dr. Igor Esakov, another ENT expert, has spent 152 days in Putin’s company.

Selivanov’s doctoral dissertation is focused on the treatment of thyroid cancer in the elderly and senile. In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin will turn 70 years old.

Putin has been absent from public engagements five times since 2012, most likely due to health issues, according to the article.

The fact that Putin has thyroid cancer doctors with him practically all of the time lends credence to speculations that the Russian leader is suffering from steroid fury as a result of steroid drug treatment.

These drugs are known to cause swelling in the face and neck, as shown in Putin’s most recent video speeches.

The Russian tyrant is said to be suffering from cancer, but the Kremlin has frequently denied this. Doctors’ data, on the other hand, appears to contradict this.