Putin Ally Threatens To Nuke Britain Into Extinction


Vladimir Putin’s buddy has vowed to destroy Britain with nuclear weapons in a third world war and cautioned Nato not to play with fire.

The ominous remarks from retired general Evgeny Buzhinsky come as Lithuania, a NATO member, limits the flow of commodities out of Russian territory.

The two nations are at odds over the movement of commodities out of Kaliningrad, a Russian outpost that borders Lithuania and is cut off from the rest of the country.

Buzhinsky attacked British general Sir Patrick Sanders when speaking on Russian television.

As he assumed control of the UK’s land forces this week, Sir Patrick issued a call to arms to soldiers to get ready to battle and defeat Russian forces in a Third World War.

The Putin loyalist claimed, “He doesn’t realize that, as a result of the Third World War, Britain would actually cease to exist.”

Buzhinsky issued a warning that the Kaliningrad scenario is extremely severe in addition to the conflict in Ukraine.

He pleaded with Vladimir Putin to act swiftly and dispatch nuclear weapons to Kaliningrad, the Kremlin’s administrative center for the Baltic Fleet and a city sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland.

The Lithuanians claim they are only carrying out the severe sanctions the European Union has put in place against Russia because of the conflict in Ukraine.

The single train connection that connects the area to the rest of the world is being blocked by the nation from carrying sanctioned items like steel to and from Kaliningrad.

Therefore, the only manner by which Russia can now feed the region without having to worry about EU sanctions is across the sea.

However, the action has incited resentment in Russia, with Buzhinsky claiming that the West aimed to entirely cut off Kaliningrad’s economic access until our people howled in famine.

In remarks on Sunday, Putin made it plain that he wouldn’t hesitate to expand the Ukrainian conflict to other nations that he believes to be in Russia’s sphere of influence.

Additionally, Putin said that Moscow would no longer be associated with any nations that turned against the Kremlin.