Pro Haley PAC Takes Aim at DeSantis

Pro-Haley Pac is GUNNING for DeSantis


A recently revealed advertisement by a super PAC supporting ex-Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) has targeted Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) aspirations for the presidency. In the ad, Stand For America INC (SFA Inc.) openly criticizes DeSantis’s attempts to boost his standing in the polls, cautioning the public against the potential turmoil of another disruptive situation, characterizing it as an undesirable “dumpster fire” at this time.

The provocative advertisement further asserts that backing for DeSantis is dwindling due to a lack of interest from Republican voters in supporting his presidential candidacy. One statement within the ad accuses the governor’s campaign of struggling from its inception, while another implies that his political narrative is on the verge of an abrupt conclusion.

The assertions made in the advertisement do not seem to be directly attributed to Nikki Haley or a spokesperson from SFA Inc. Rather, they seem to be excerpts extracted from previous news coverage on channels such as MSNBC, Fox News, and The Hill. As of now, there is no confirmation from Haley or her team regarding their agreement with or endorsement of the validity of these statements.

Nevertheless, Haley has previously expressed her lack of trust and aversion to DeSantis’ strategies, and the two have clashed on numerous policy issues. During a Republican presidential debate in September, DeSantis scrutinized the former UN ambassador’s conservative credentials and her endorsement of transgender healthcare for children.

In response, Haley later admonished him for remarks characterizing Palestinians uniformly as antisemitic, made during an interview with CNN.

Haley further raised doubts about DeSantis’ choice to campaign alongside Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) during a recent town hall campaign event on December 12. She highlighted Massie’s recent vote against a GOP-led measure condemning antisemitism and questioned the rationale behind the purportedly pro-Israel governor aligning with someone deemed “anti-Israel.”

The provocative advertisement from SFA Inc. indicates that tensions are escalating early in the 2024 election race, even among GOP contenders. Given the unfolding global crises, heightened international tensions, and former President Donald Trump’s ongoing legal battles, it is anticipated that voters will witness an abundance of similar ads in the months ahead.