President Biden in ‘Shock Move’ Nominates First Female to Become Chief of U.S. Navy

Biden Picks First WOMAN to Lead U.S. Navy!


A “shock move” by President Joe Biden has been the nomination of Adm. Lisa Franchetti to be the next Chief of the United States Navy. She would make history as the first American woman to head a military service.

Many in the Pentagon were taken back by this decision, as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had earlier indicated that Adm. Samuel Paparo was a frontrunner for the position. Adm. Paparo, who presently leads Navy operations in the Pacific, is well-respected for his knowledge of how to deal with the complications posed by China’s growing power.

Franchetti is a graduate of Medill’s Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications programs as well as the Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. She is one of just about 40 female admirals in the United States Navy and the first woman to lead U.S. Naval Forces in Korea. Currently, Franchetti is the vice head of operations for the Navy.

Admiral Franchetti would be a great addition to the prestigious Joint Chiefs of Staff if he were confirmed. President Biden praised her extensive knowledge and expertise in strategy and operations gained over the course of her 38-year career, during which she became only the second woman in American history to achieve the rank of four-star admiral.

Gender diversity in the U.S. military leadership continues to be pursued as a priority under President Biden, who last year appointed Adm. Linda Fagan as the first female commanding officer of the U.S. Coast Guard, although it is worth noting that the Coast Guard operates under the Department of Homeland Security, unlike the Navy, which falls under the Department of Defense.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed his pride in the nomination of Adm. Franchetti, believing she will continue to inspire in her potential new role. He expects the nominees, once confirmed, will maintain the U.S. Navy and the joint force in the Indo-Pacific as the world’s finest military power, committed to protecting international freedoms and upholding the rules-based international order.

President Biden announced the nomination of Adm. Franchetti to lead U.S. Pacific Command, and the promotion of Adm. Paparo to that position. In a major reorganization of the Navy’s upper ranks, Vice Admiral Stephen “Web” Koehler will succeed Adm. Paparo as commander of the United States Pacific Fleet.

Respect for Adm. Paparo as a strategic thinker and strong leader has spread from the intelligence community to the front lines because of his knowledge of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Senator Tommy Tuberville’s (R-Ala.) opposition to a Defense Department policy that reimburses service personnel who fly to get abortion services has stymied these military appointments. Because of this, each nominee has to be evaluated separately, which has led to lengthy holdups.

President Biden raised concerns about the future of defense and leadership, citing potential detrimental effects on national security and military effectiveness. The senator’s activities were deemed unacceptable, with the speaker saying, “What Senator Tuberville is doing is not only wrong—it is dangerous.”

Biden said he was endangering America’s standing as the world’s preeminent military power.