Planned Wind Power Project Would Be Farthest Off East Coast

Very DISTANT - Wind Power Project Set WHERE?!


A developer based in New York has announced plans for a wind energy project that would be situated farthest from the East Coast mainland. Attentive Energy, the driving force behind this initiative, intends to establish the project approximately 42 miles off the coast of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. This endeavor aims to generate sufficient electricity to power 600,000 households. Damian Bednarz, the Managing Director of Attentive Energy, emphasized that they selected this offshore location because it offers the greatest potential for harnessing strong winds.

However, construction of the project is slated to commence only in the early 2030s due to various regulatory hurdles. Additionally, the company is in the process of planning a manufacturing facility for their wind turbines, with Paulsboro, New Jersey, being the preferred location. Bednarz refrained from disclosing cost estimates for both the facility and the offshore project.

Although New Jersey aspires to establish itself as the leading hub for wind energy on the eastern seaboard, a substantial number of residents, particularly those residing along the beachfront, are actively resisting this endeavor. Within the local community, opposition factions have emerged, including organizations such as Protect Our Coast NJ and Save Long Beach Island. Even elected officials in New Jersey have rallied against it. Point Pleasant Beach’s mayor, Paul Kanitra, has expressed his unwavering determination to oppose the construction of offshore wind turbines, pledging to take whatever actions necessary.

While the majority of individuals in New Jersey acknowledge the significance of climate change as a pressing issue, backing for offshore wind farms is experiencing a significant decline. In 2019, a substantial 80% of New Jersey adults voiced their support for offshore wind farms. However, by 2023, this figure has dwindled to only 50%, signifying a substantial decrease in favor. 

What’s noteworthy is that not only is support diminishing, but opposition is also on the rise. In 2019, a mere 15% of New Jersey residents opposed offshore wind farms, but by 2023, a full one-third of adults are expressing their opposition to these projects.

A common explanation given for the withdrawal of support for offshore wind farms is concerns about their potential impact on marine ecosystems and the obstructed scenic views of the ocean.