Pentagon’s Quiet Plan to Take on China and Russia Exposed


The globe is tense in part because of tyrants who despise America who have gained confidence as a result of Vice President Biden’s weakness on the international arena, his botched exit from Afghanistan, and his propensity to allow his unelected advisors to correct him on important US policies.

China and Russia, two of America’s adversaries that Biden has made mistakes about recently, are among those who are rattling their sabers in response to Biden’s errors.

In his spontaneous conclusion to his speech in Europe, Biden addressed Russia by declaring, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

Staff from the West Wing rapidly stressed that the U.S. position was not in favor of a coup or takeover in order to bring about regime change and quickly rectified the remark.

Nevertheless, Biden persisted in his stated position with obstinance. Additionally, approximately $7 billion in American aid and armaments have been provided or pledged to Ukraine by Biden, which is not exactly music to Russia’s ears.

Biden reportedly committed US soldiers to protect the island country should Xi Jinping and his Marxist troops decide to capture Taiwan by force as a result of China’s growing hostility with Taiwan.

The almost octogenarian leader of the free world was once more corrected by Biden’s staff who made clear that, in the case of a Chinese invasion, US policy regarding Taiwan had not altered. The advisers made it clear that America would only give Taiwan material help and would not actively take part in Taiwan’s fight against China.

According to budget papers, the Pentagon has spent around $3.8 million on balloon projects over the last two years and intends to spend $27.1 million in fiscal year 2023 to continue work on a number of initiatives.

For years, the DoD has tested employing solar-powered drones and high-altitude balloons to gather information, supply ground forces with communication, and counter satellite issues. The Pentagon is covertly handing off the military services’ balloon programs to gather data and send information to planes.