Pence Says Any GOP Support For Putin Must End

Pence's SURPRISE Ultimatum - Ditch HIS Fandom!


In light of the disturbing rumors surrounding the passing of prominent Russian government critic Alexei Navalny, former Vice President Mike Pence made a strong statement denouncing any support that members of the Republican party might extend to President Vladimir Putin. Pence expressed his disapproval in a series of tweets on the social media site X, formerly known as Twitter. He accused Putin of committing war crimes and emphasized that the Russian president only reacts to acts of force.

Pence made his remarks in the middle of Russia’s provocative and aggressive military activities against Ukraine, which have tragically claimed many civilian lives and injured many more. He argued in favor of a forceful American reaction to Russia’s harsh strategies. Pence emphasized the significance of offering the military support required to defeat common opponents between the US and Ukraine, and he urged the US Congress to rise above present political divisions and approve essential aid for Ukraine.

But getting money to Ukraine wasn’t without its challenges. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson turned down a massive aid package for $95 billion, even though the Senate had approved it first. Supporting Ukraine was one of the main international goals of this package. Though other options are being considered, the denial has left doubt about the future of funding to Ukraine.

The circumstances surrounding Navalny’s purported death are still unclear; according to Russian officials, he fell ill and lost consciousness during a stroll, and attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. These assertions are viewed with suspicion since Navalny’s widow has voiced mistrust towards the declarations made by the Russian government, and his legal counsel and the United States have not yet confirmed his death.

International outrage has been sparked by Navalny’s possible death, especially considering his past criticism of Putin and the Russian government. This includes a near-fatal poisoning event that Navalny accuses Putin of being responsible for—a claim the Russian president disputes.

Pence has regularly expressed disapproval of Putin’s policies and conduct, setting himself apart from former President Trump’s occasionally positive comments about the Russian leader. By doing this, Pence emphasizes his understanding of the glaring distinction between leadership that fights for freedom and sovereignty—as seen by the conflict in Ukraine—and leadership that aims to oppress.