Parents Outraged as The Satanic Temple Targets Elementary School

Public OUTRAGED - This Goes TOO FAR!


Memphis, Tennessee experienced a commotion when The Satanic Temple announced its intentions to establish an “After School Satan Club” at Chimneyrock Elementary School, leading to heightened concerns among parents and guardians.

Set to launch on January 10, 2024, at Chimneyrock Elementary School, this club received approval from the school district, which pointed to its alignment with the principles of the First Amendment.

Originating from Massachusetts, The Satanic Temple plans to inaugurate this club, portraying “Satan” as a symbolic entity. The organization asserts its commitment to refraining from indoctrinating children and aims to foster independent thinking instead. Outlined on the flyer, the club’s activities center around the Seven Fundamental Tenets of the Satanic Temple, promoting a scientific and non-superstitious perspective. Importantly, the flyer explicitly states that the event is neither endorsed nor financially supported by Memphis-Shelby County Schools.

While legally permitted to access school facilities after hours, this decision has triggered parental outrage, with some expressing dismay about the club’s presence in an elementary school setting.

June Everett, the national campaign director for the “After School Satan Club,” emphasized that their presence in schools is contingent upon the existence of other religious clubs. She underlined that the invitation was initiated by parents at Chimneyrock.

The group emphasizes the existence of a Christian club at Chimneyrock Elementary School and asserts their legal entitlement to establish a club at the school during non-school hours.

Despite concerns, Everett defended the club’s activities, highlighting their focus on scientific and craft-oriented engagements with the aim of community-focused initiatives.

The entry of The Satanic Temple into Chimneyrock Elementary signifies its fifth active club in the country this year, sparking discussions on freedom of expression within school premises. The club’s launch on January 10 is pending parental approval, even though no permission slips have been distributed.