Outrage As Mexican Officials Help Illegal Aliens Cross Into US


On Monday, FOX News correspondent Bill Melugin revealed video of 20 Mexican buses dropping off illegal immigrants at the US border in Juarez.

“How did this caravan get there? It was bused in. Take a look at this video our team shot yesterday in Ciudad, Juarez. Watching as 20 of these migrant buses received a Mexican police escort and were bused into Ciudad, Juarez. And they were all dropped off at local shelters and NGOs. Well the migrants didn’t stay at those shelters they immediately walked down to the border, walked down to the river, and they crossed illegally en masse,” Bill Melugin reported.

America is the target of a planned and well-funded invasion.

Today, thousands of illegal immigrants cross the open US border every day.

According to El Paso Matters, the migrants were saved by the Mexican military after six days, but many of them lost their passports and other travel documents in the subsequent pandemonium.

Then, under police guard, they were driven in 20 buses to the Juarez border crossing on the Mexican side. After the incident, authorities accompanied them for their own safety, according to the El Paso Times. What motivated the refugees’ first kidnapping is still a mystery.

The migrants were then told to enter the US and surrender themselves to authorities after being directed by Mexican state police to walk many of them to the river.

The surge occurred 10 days before Title 42, which was used in March 2020 to hasten the expulsion of 2.4 million asylum seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic, was set to expire by court order.