Out Of Nowhere: Joe Biden Starts Screaming At A Press Conference

Biden Starts SCREAMING At A Press Meeting - What's Going On?


During yet another press conference, Joe Biden had an unusual moment. In a speech on the economy delivered in Maryland on Thursday, the president contrasted his policies with those of Donald Trump, the Republican best positioned to challenge the Democrat in 2024. The most memorable part of the address, though, was not what was spoken but rather an explosive moment from the president.

The last time the president visited The Old Line State was in February. Specifically, he wanted to push his economic agenda. He was accompanied by outgoing Senator Ben Cardin and outgoing Governor Wesley Moore. Voz Media has indicated, however, that voters are unhappy with his performance.

A Wall Street Journal poll of 1,500 likely voters found widespread disapproval of Biden’s economic policies. The poll found that 59% of respondents did not approve of the president’s handling of the economy, while 37% did. In addition, 34% of voters supported Biden’s handling of inflation while 63% did not.

President Biden screams

The speech itself was forgettable, but two instances stood out. The first occurred when Biden was soberly outlining the disparity in medicine prices between countries when he abruptly erupted into an unexpected yell, alleging that more was paid for the “same exact drug, made by the same exact company!”

It didn’t take long for social media users to broadcast the event.

‘I’m going to get in real trouble’

At the end of his address, Biden had another viral moment when he informed reporters that he was sorry he couldn’t answer all their questions. Biden said, “I wish I had the chance to take all your questions, but I’m going to get in real trouble if I do that,” as he was departing the stage.

The president has made similar remarks before, suggesting that he may face retribution if he responds to every question put to him by the media.