NRA Prepares for Legal War With Blue State

IT'S ON - Massive Legal WAR About to Begin!


In New Mexico, Democrats control the executive branch in addition to the legislature. They also have a near two-to-one advantage in the state House of Representatives (45 to 24 seats) and the Senate (27 to 15 seats).

In addition to the five seats on the New Mexico Supreme Court, Democrats now control the position of the attorney general. That is to say, when liberals want to undermine liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, such as the Second Amendment, there are no real oversight mechanisms in place inside the state.

A full-scale legal battle with lawmakers in the heavily blue state is something the NRA has just announced.

NRA Prepares Prepares for Legal War

In opposition to Democratic-led attempts to impose severe gun control regulations on New Mexican citizens, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) has been exerting tremendous effort. The group’s lawyers, for example, made oral arguments before the state supreme court on January 8 in a historic case that sought to halt Democratic Governor Michelle Grisham’s (D) use of executive orders to invalidate Second Amendment rights, posing as public health concerns.

New Mexico senators have proposed a “California-style” tax on firearms and ammunition as well as the nation’s longest waiting period for legitimate gun purchases—14 days—and the NRA-ILA is fighting back.

NRA Speaks Out Against New Mexico’s “Extremist Governor”

On January 16, Grisham delivered her sixth State of the State address detailing her legislative goals for this year’s legislative session. Under the guise of protecting public safety, she listed several draconian gun control measures.

For example, Grisham intends to assist legislators with increasing the minimum age to buy firearms to 21, outlaw assault rifles, restrict all weapons in parks and playgrounds, and strengthen the criminal penalty for convicted felons found with firearms. Equally, Grisham has stated her support for the proposed fourteen-day waiting time for the purchase of any firearm.

Randy Kozuch, the NRA-ILA’s executive director, recently discussed the brewing situation in New Mexico with Fox News Digital. He accused “extremist governor” Grisham and her Democratic accomplices of unleashing a “barrage of gun control proposals” aimed at punishing law-abiding gun owners “while ignoring” the reprehensive actions of criminals.

Kozuch reminded Fox News that Grisham effectively suspended the Second Amendment in New Mexico last year when she blocked citizens from carrying firearms. “Now, she’s doubling down on her attacks” on gun owners, “effectively torching the Constitution.”

Two New Mexico Republicans Join the Fight

Republican state lawmakers John Block (District 51) and Stefani Lord (District 22) began the process to remove Grisham from office on January 16 by filing articles of impeachment against her.

Block posted a brief statement on his X/Twitter account announcing their decision to introduce the measure for consideration. He accused Grisham of committing “malfeasance in office by flagrantly [violating] her oath of office” to infringe on New Mexico resident’s “inalienable rights.”

Similarly, Lord expressed a similar view in a statement that he uploaded online. The rights of New Mexicans, she added, weren’t “up for debate.” In addition, she promised to “stand firm against [Grisham’s] tyranny.”