Newsom Plows Over Small Child Then Spanks Him During Basketball Game in China (VIDEO)

Gavin Newsom RUNS OVER Chinese Kid - Details Released...


Governor Gavin Newsom from California, a member of the Democratic Party, collided with a young child during a basketball game in China, and oddly spanked the child as they both regained their footing. Newsom attempted to showcase his basketball abilities but ended up awkwardly bumping into a Chinese child. Adding to the unusual situation, he playfully swatted the child during the recovery process.

Last week, Governor Newsom had a meeting with President Xi Jinping of China, fueling speculation that he might be engaged in a clandestine effort to position himself as a potential substitute for Joe Biden.

Newsom faced scrutiny for flaunting a $160,000 electric truck of Chinese make. While California grapples with issues such as high taxes, a homelessness problem, increased crime rates, and significant unauthorized immigration, Newsom was accused of prioritizing relations with China.

In addition, Newsom made an unexpected visit to Israel prior to his journey to China.

“As I reflect back on the extraordinary people I just met today in Israel, I am reminded of the deep connections between my home state and this country. A country that has faced many dark times before, and certainly is in one now. But amid this present struggle against terrorists are stories of unimaginable heroism — and unspeakable tragedy. I listened to the grief and terror in a mother’s voice as she spoke about her son — a Californian right now being held hostage in Gaza — whose arm was blown off by a terrorist’s grenade,” Newsom said.

The Democratic Party is in search of a potential replacement for Joe Biden, and Newsom and Michelle Obama are certainly the leading contenders for this role.