New Poll Shows Americans Aren’t Buying Latest Dem Spin on Economy


Democrats and some members of the liberal media are currently attempting to spread the myth that Joe Biden may be turning things around and that he had the best week ever thanks to events like the death of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) caving on the Inflation Reduction Act, and a slight decrease in gas prices but with prices still being significantly higher than when Biden took office.

One of the biggest myths they’re peddling is the Inflation Reduction Act, which 230 economists claim will not only not decrease inflation but instead increase it. On that point, even Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is discrediting them by acknowledging it won’t help lower inflation. The labor participation rate is still declining while many individuals are working two jobs to keep up, so the jobs number is also misleading.

According to the most recent ABC/Ipsos survey, which was based on interviews conducted on August 5 and 6, Americans continue to give Biden the lowest approval ratings on almost every subject, with the most critical being inflation, where only 29% of respondents approved of him and 69% disapproved.

41 percent of them approve and 58 percent disapprove of the way he handles abortion.

Just 12 percent of Americans believe the economy is improving, while 69 percent of Americans believe it is getting worse. Despite Biden and the Democrats’ best efforts, Americans are aware of what is happening to their wallets. They are aware of Democratic ploys to manipulate them. No matter how much the Biden campaign attempts to change the definition of a recession, people still recognize it as such.

When it comes to zeal, Republicans dominate. Compared to 68 percent of Democrats, 75% of Republicans indicated they were extremely excited to vote in the midterm elections. Independents reported being really enthused in 49 percent of cases.

On issues like immigration, the economy, inflation, and crime, respondents also had higher faith in Republicans.