Nadler Swats Rep. Jim Jordan’s Call for School Board Group Subpoenas


The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday unanimously advanced California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell’s Homicide Victims’ Families Rights Act, but continued to ignore Rep. Jim Jordan’s resolution to subpoena Biden administration officials and National School Boards Association leaders on the ”domestic terror” threat.

Jordan, R-Ohio, has written a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., calling for subpoenas for Attorney General Merrick Garland, along with Biden administration officials and NSBA leaders, on their moves to consider using the Department of Justice and federal attorneys to ”investigate and prosecute” local school board protests.

”We’d like to have the attorney general back in front of this committee to answer our questions,” Jordan, the ranking member, said in his opening statement, pivoting off Swalwell’s bill to his calls for subpoenas that have gone unanswered by Nadler. ”Last Thursday, we sent you a letter, Mr. Chairman, asking you to do that.”

Jordan’s resolution called for subpoenas for Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and NSBA executives, along with documents from the Department of Justice, FBI, Department of Education and NSBA.

Jordan’s request for unanimous consent on his resolution was objected to by a Democrat on the committee before he finished his statement calling for it, and Nadler upheld the objection.

”You’re recognized for an opening statement,” Nadler said in a back-and-forth with Jordan. ”Do you wish to continue your opening statement?”

Jordan, sitting in front of a large placard that read ”48 Days Since Chairman Nadler Failed to Hold Garland Accountable for School Boards Memo,” replied: ”I wish to have the resolution brought up for a vote.”

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., appealed Nadler’s objection, but Nadler rejected that, too, and moved on to Swalwell’s bill.

Republicans on the committee used their time in the hearing to debate Jordan’s resolution, but that was panned by Democrats.

Jordan argued that this fall, DOJ took just five days, from receiving the NSBA letter to having Garland issue his memo telling the FBI to look into ”domestic terror” at school board protests.

”I’ve been in Congress for 15 years,” Jordan told the committee. ”I’ve never seen government operate that fast.

”Three days after the letter, Tim Langan, the head of the counterterrorism division at the FBI, is already talking with the Justice Department on how to implement what’s been asked for in the letter. So, in other words, they were already talking about what to do before Garland sends the memo on the fourth of October.”

Jordan and fellow member Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., argued that DOJ was working to create a ”domestic terror” threat for school board protests it could use to justify investigating protesters.

”I don’t think the school board letter was the catalyst,” Jordan told Breitbart News after the contentious hearing. ”I think the Biden administration and the Garland Justice Department set out — their goal was to go after parents and chill any speech that was critical of what they wanted to do.

”And they were just looking for a pretext, a catalyst, an excuse to do what they wanted to do. And they go, ‘Oh, let’s work with the school board association to get them to send us the letter, then we’ll go do what we want to do.”