Mystery Of Missing Son Solved After She Watches News Report A Year Later


A mother says she saw her missing adolescent son on the news a year after he ran away from home.

The mother, who did not want to be identified, said that the 17-year-old ran away from home after she tried to discipline him for misbehaving.

Last summer, she reported him missing to police in Senatobia, Mississippi.

A year later, the local news carried a story of a homeless youngster who had to give up his four-month-old dog Jada.

The child, who has not been identified, was forced to surrender his favorite dog to an animal shelter because he couldn’t meet its demands while living beneath a bridge.

“When he left and went away, I could see him wiping his face from behind and it just broke my heart,” Kris Robinson, an interim director at the shelter, said.

As she stood in a chair, looking out the window, Robinson claimed the dog seemed devastated.

A lady who claims to be the boy’s mother saw the TV coverage and phoned WREG to say her kid had been missing for a year.

“I want him to return home,” his mother added. I’d want to meet him. I’m not angry with him. He believed he had matured to the point where he could handle it on his own. The idea that he felt compelled to flee crushes my heart. I simply want my child, and everyone should realize that when they lose a child, he is still alive and may return at any time, but instead of returning him to me, they place him with strangers.”

According to sources, his mother was detained in May of last year, according to police documents.

The reason why the kid has not been returned to his mother has not been revealed by police.

Viewers wanted to know how they could help the teen and his dog after the news program aired.

California, Massachusetts, and Atlanta were among the states that called the shelter.

A family had offered to take in the teen and his cat, according to Robinson.

She said the dog is still at the shelter but will be reunited with the adolescent after he has settled in.