Mystery Of Body Found Inside A Garbage Truck Deepens


The Amarillo Police Department has identified a woman whose corpse was discovered at a garbage facility early Thursday morning.

At the COA Solid Waste Collection Station in Texas, Linda Michelle Mesza-Ray, 42, was discovered dead inside a garbage truck.

Mesza-corpse Ray’s was discovered inside the truck’s trash, according to authorities.

The police are still investigating how her corpse wound up inside the vehicle, and it’s conceivable it was picked up for disposal.

Authorities are now seeking to figure out where she was carried into the van in the first place.

The police agency hasn’t ruled anything out yet since there are so many options at this point.

Officers believe the woman was either a victim of foul play or had fallen asleep inside the garbage.

Her body was sent from Amarillo to Lubbock’s medical examiner for an autopsy.

On Thursday, the Amarillo Police Department was contacted for more information.

In Houston, Texas, four individuals were found dead, including a kid, in a potential murder-suicide.

A guy shot his wife, their four-year-old daughter, and his mother-in-law before turning a semi-automatic weapon on himself, according to Chief Gonzalez. The family had South Asian ancestors.

Gonzalez says the mother and her daughter were on their way to work when they saw the man with hatred in his heart.

The couple was going through a divorce, according to the chief, and the man did not dwell in the flat but came by on occasion.

He claimed that the man arrived at the house with a gun, eager to carry out the heinous deed.

The police chief informed tenants of the residential complex that no active threat existed.