Mysterious Green Lasers Over Hawaii Were Likely From Chinese Satellite

Suspected Chinese Satellite FIRES Green Lasers Over Hawaii!


A recent odd phenomenon in Hawaii’s night sky has prompted analysts to suspect that green laser beams were shot by a Chinese satellite. This assumption comes amid rising tensions between the United States and China, following the discovery of various foreign objects, including a Chinese spy balloon, crossing US airspace.

On January 28th, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) reported that its Subaru-Asahi Star Camera photographed green laser lights in the sky over Hawaii.

The NAOJ initially thought the lights were from a NASA satellite called ICESat-2/43613. However, one week later, a correction was published after the Chinese Daqi-1/AEMS satellite was declared the “most likely choice.”

Green laser pulses are used by NASA’s Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) to measure the Earth’s surface. This is why scientists initially thought the lights were coming from the satellite. However, the Chinese Daqi-1/AEMS satellite used identical laser technology, and its trajectory coincided with the site of the green lasers.

Following repeated sightings confirmed over the US and Canada, the US is on high alert. On February 4th, the US shot down a big Chinese surveillance balloon, then on February 5th, the US shot down another “object” flying at 40,000 feet over the frigid waters around Alaska.The nature, function, or origin of the thing is unknown.

After violating Canadian airspace, a US military fighter shot down an unexplained aerial object over Canada’s Yukon Territory on Saturday. On Twitter, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed the occurrence. It is unclear whether these aerial items originated in China.

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