Murderer Gets Off Easy After Killing Conservative Teen

Radical Leftist Gets Off EASY - Slap on the Wrist!


A person involved in left-wing activism will receive a maximum prison sentence of 10 years for causing the death of a teenager. The surprising ruling follows a decision by a district attorney in North Dakota to reduce the charge against the activist from murder to manslaughter.

On September 18, 2022, an incident occurred involving Cayler Ellingson, an 18-year-old resident of Grace City, North Dakota. Ellingson attended a street dance festival in the nearby town of McHenry. During the event, he engaged in a conversation with Shannon Brandt, a 41-year-old intoxicated left-wing political activist. The discussion revolved around political matters and continued for some time.

Following the festival, Ellingson began walking home but tragically never reached his destination. Feeling concerned and sensing he was being pursued, he contacted his mother, requesting her assistance to pick him up. Regrettably, before she could reach him, Brandt intentionally struck Ellingson with his SUV, causing his untimely death. Immediately after the incident, Brandt informed the authorities that he had killed the teenager and fled the scene. Law enforcement later apprehended him at his residence.

Initially, Brandt faced multiple charges including criminal vehicular homicide, driving under the influence, and leaving the scene of the crime. However, due to a national outcry and public comments from former President Donald Trump, the homicide charge against Brandt was escalated to murder. However, Foster County State Attorney Kara Brinster has now decided to downgrade the charge to manslaughter, despite the absence of a plea deal. Brandt’s attorney asserts that this decision was made by Brinster and argues that there is no evidence supporting allegations of intentional homicide.

Nevertheless, there exists evidence indicating that Brandt had the intention to kill Ellingson. In his initial communication with the police, Brandt confessed to killing his victim based on his affiliation as a Republican extremist. Astonishingly, Brandt was released on bail for a mere $50,000. Furthermore, Brinster is now attempting to portray Ellingson’s death as a result of Brandt’s erratic driving. On May 18, Brinster allowed Brandt to plead guilty to a single charge of manslaughter, while dropping the DUI and leaving the scene charges against him.

By removing these charges, the case lacks aggravating circumstances, and Brandt now faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. However, there is also a possibility that he may receive probation or even avoid incarceration entirely.