Mother Reveals Injuries After She Was Battered Protecting Daughter


Michelle Audo, 48, sustained major face injuries and a concussion after being attacked by adolescent attackers outside her house.

On May 14, she claimed the gang showed up to her home in Blue Springs, Missouri, at 10.30 p.m.

The 48-year-old was sleeping with her husband when their children, ages 16 and 18, awoke them, telling them that a carload of females was waiting outside.

The gang of 14-year-olds reportedly planned to assault Michelle’s younger daughter after witnessing her mother leap from her bed to defend her.

She claims she faced the cocky teenagers, who were pumped up and ready to fight, and begged them to leave.Instead of the parent intervening, the girls are said to have leapt out of the car and started a horrible assault.

“I thought I’d just walk outside and tell them to leave and they’d leave,” Michelle explained, “but that didn’t happen.”

She alleges she was assaulted numerous times by the thugs, with one blonde perpetrator repeatedly hitting her in the face.

Two of the teenagers allegedly dove on top of the mother during the bizarre encounter, according to her police complaint.

Her experience ended only after her eldest daughter and husband took the group away from her. After the horrific battle, Michelle had a fractured nose, two black eyes, and a concussion.

The incident was reported to the police, but the youngsters had left by the time they arrived. After the incident, one of the bold teenagers apparently proceeded to Snapchat to sickeningly gloat about it.

Michelle urged that the misbehaving 14-year-olds be punished in some way other than community service. Cops charged two of the adolescent suspects with simple assault. Because of their age, their names have not been disclosed.

The matter will be handled by officers from the Community Youth Outreach Division, according to a police report. The accusations will be heard in Juvenile Court, according to Jennifer Brady of the Blue Springs Missouri Police Department.

According to sources, due to the seriousness of Michelle’s injuries, it might still be escalated to a family court with a judge.