More Than 100 House Dems Implore Biden to Lift Sanctions on Cuba


Democrats in the House of Representatives sent a letter to President Biden on Thursday insisting on lifting U.S. regulations on Cuba, according to The Hill.

Over 100 Democrat lawmakers led by Reps. Jim McGovern, Massachusetts; Barbara Lee, California; and Bobby Rush, Illinois; urged Biden in a letter to address “the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in recent history” by doing away with restrictions on banking and financial transactions.

In the largest anti-government protest that Cuba has seen in decades, Cubans called for President Miguel Díaz-Canel to step down. The government responded by cracking down on the protest movement and arresting dissidents.

The House Democrats stated that revenue generated from remittances into Cuba goes toward food, fuel and other essentials that Cubans need and are not receiving.

“In addition to these immediate steps, we believe that a policy of engagement with Cuba serves U.S. interests and those of the Cuban people. It should lead to a more comprehensive effort to deepen engagement and normalization, including restarting diplomatic engagement at senior levels as well as through the re-staffing of each country’s respective embassies,” they wrote, adding that it would be a “gesture of good faith” and “in the best interests of the United States.”

“Engagement is more likely to enable the political, economic, and social openings that Cubans may desire and to ease the hardships that Cubans face today,” they added.

Former President Barack Obama moved to normalize relations with Cuba during his time in office. However, then-President Trump moved to do the opposite during his term.