Michelle Obama Admits She Couldn’t Stand” Barack for 10+ Years!

Michelle Obama Confesses To Hating Barack - An Act of Betrayal!


Well, the Obama household must be experiencing some discomfort at the moment.

Michelle Obama made a significant confession.

A younger version of her “couldn’t stand” Barack.

This wasn’t a passing feeling or concept.

She apparently couldn’t stand him for ten years!

Michelle reiterated her remarks, demonstrating that this wasn’t a simple slip of the tongue. She really admitted that she “couldn’t stand” her own spouse, much like the majority of the nation.

That must hurt, right?

especially considering that this information was made public soon before the holidays.

Watch her say it here:

More details are below:

Wow, this timing really seems fishy.

You see, the Obamas kept a low profile throughout a large portion of Trump’s term.

However, Michelle Obama has recently started appearing frequently in the press and on television.

This is taking place as speculation about her potential presidential run in 2024 grows.

Is the timing accidental?

Or does this admission have more to it than first appears?

Fox News confirms that Michelle “couldn’t stand” Barack:

Former first lady Michelle Obama said she “couldn’t stand” her husband, former President Barack Obama, when their children were young.

“People think I’m being catty for saying this: it’s like, there were 10 years where I couldn’t stand my husband,” the former first lady said in an interview earlier this month with Revolt. “And guess when it happened? When those kids were little.”

The Obama daughters, Malia and Sasha, were ages 7 and 10 when they moved to the White House. Their mother said in the interview to promote her new book that the young children posed a challenge as she and the former president advanced their careers.

“For 10 years while we’re trying to build our careers and worrying about school and who’s doing what and what, I was like, ‘Argh, this isn’t even!’” Obama said. “And guess what? Marriage isn’t 50/50, ever. Ever. There are times I’m 70, he’s 30. There are times he’s 60, 40. But guess what? Ten years. We’ve been married 30. I would take 10 bad years over 30 — it’s just how you look at it. People give up — ‘Five years; I can’t take it.’”

The Obamas met at a law firm in Chicago in 1989. Their net worth is now at least $70 million. Their joint deal in 2017 for their memoirs was estimated to be worth $65 million. The couple later cut a deal with Netflix that is estimated to be around $50 million.”

Millions of Americans are parents with young children.

However, despite having children, those parents do not despise their spouse.

What about family life did Michelle find so offensive toward Barack?

All we can do right now is guess.

But as Michelle continues to make headlines, perhaps the truth will out.

Michelle is obviously going after young voters if she plans to run in 2024.

An important component of Barack’s coalition was younger people.

She also announced it on a show targeted to the Z generation.

The Western Journal reports:

Marriage can already be a stressful and taxing powder keg for an average American. Adding a public microscope and the prying eyes of the American populace will, by any metric, not help with potential marital woes.

That being said, it’s still raising a few eyebrows that former first lady Michelle Obama had some … choice words to describe a low point in her marriage to former President Barack Obama.

In a December interview with Revolt, a music-oriented network founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs (think MTV for Gen Z), Michelle Obama took the time to promote her new book while also sharing some less-than-flattering words about parts of her marriage to Barack Obama.


But then, she provided a curious example of her self-professed virtue as she described a not insignificant period of her marriage:

“People think I’m being catty by saying this,” Michelle said. “There were 10 years where I couldn’t stand my husband.”

That’s … an interesting way to describe some marital turbulence.

Being furious at your husband for 10 minutes? Sure.

Letting a niggling issue fester for 10 years? Probably not healthy, but again, sure.

Combining the two into not being able to stand your husband for 10 years? That’s not healthy, admirable or good parenting.

So what do you think?

Do you admire Michelle’s honesty?

Or is there more to this admission than meets the eye?