Megyn Kelly Gets Emotional During Tribute to Husband on Camera

Megyn Kelly Gets EMOTIONAL On Camera - Holds Back Tears! (VIDEO)


Conservative media icon Megyn Kelly celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary last Wednesday, and she marked the occasion with an emotional homage to her spouse. Reflecting about her big day on her podcast, Kelly claimed marrying Doug Brunt was the right choice she’d ever made.

15 years after getting married to Brunt at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York, Kelly started her podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show” on March 1 by reminiscing on the nuptials. She spoke about how she and Brunt met, the early months of their relationship, and how he proposed to her on a bench by the sea after 14 months of dating while a video of the wedding played in the background.

She described how colleagues assisted with the wedding—one did her hairstyle, while another presided over the ceremony—and how the “perfect winter day” weather contributed to the event’s fondness.

Kelly reflected on her life prior to meeting Brunt and expressed gratitude for her prior marriage since she had “went in eyes open” and understood what it takes to have a happy marriage.

Kelly went on to talk about the couple’s 3 kids, stating,  “I will never do something more meaningful than this.” She also complimented marriage in general, saying that it was more gratifying than “weird new sexuality titles”  or a career that gives you with little spare time.  Lastly, she appreciated Brunt for proposing to her to marry him and being with her ever since.

Kelly’s reaction was undoubtedly emotional at the time. She referred to it as “the single best decision” she had ever made in her life and admitted to the crowd that she cried every time she watched the wedding video clip.

It’s refreshing to see a media figure whose marriage has endured the test of time in a world where celebrity marriages sometimes result in an equally high-profile divorce within a year or two.