McCarthy: Dems Don’t Want to Pay Off Debt, Only Want to Spend More


House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Sunday accused Democrats of not wanting to pay off the nation’s debt, charging the Biden administration is putting American on the “wrong path.”

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” McCarthy said the debt ceiling issue highlighted the Democrats’ refusal to be fiscally responsible.

“Instead of finding a way to pay the credit card off, all they think that we should do is not limit how much we can spend,” McCarthy charged.

“That is what has put us in this problem and that is what has increased inflation … we have not seen in decades,” he asserted.

“That’s why when we have one of the worst jobless numbers in quite some time and this Biden plan is putting America on the wrong path,” he said.

According to McCarthy, lawmakers have to come back into session to vote on the debt ceiling and to increase the amounts but this will not give the Democrats enough money to go for that $5 trillion bill.”

“What they really want to do is… transform America to look like a European big government socialist government,” he said.

McCarthy particularly took aim at the proposal to “spy” on individuals’ bank accounts — a plan giving the IRS more power to track such ban accounts.

“You have more than $600 in your bank account, the government will now know what you do, whether you go to Disneyland, how you spend your money,” he said. “Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen supports that, and the Democrats support that. Why? Because they want to vote for any 5000 new IRS agents to spy on what you are doing instead of protecting the border.”

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